Water Filtration System Installations in Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Southern River, Perth

Pure water is an essential need of every home. You always want pure, unadulterated water for the safety and health of your family. To ensure a continued and uninterrupted supply of pure water, you require a home water filtration system. While tap water looks clean, it has a multitude of tiny invisible contaminants, germs, pesticides and other harmful chemicals present in it. It is therefore imperative that you install a good quality water filtration system at your home. We provide Water Filtration System Installations in Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Southern River, and all over Perth

Here are the top reasons why the water from a water filter system is better than tap water:

Water Filtration system installation

No contaminants: Though tap water is safe for drinking in most of Australia, it can be filled with contaminants not visible to the naked eye. A good water filtration system removes the contaminants, harmful chemicals, pesticide, and rust particles from the pipeline and delivers clean and pure water.

No taste or smell: The sign of pure water is that it is tasteless and does not have any smell. A water purification system removes all contaminants and adds cleaning agents like chlorine to deliver pure water, which has no taste or smell.

Healthy and safe: You can save your loved ones from water-borne diseases with the help of a water purifier as it removes all the bacteria and chemicals from the water.

Cheaper than bottled water: The only other alternative for pure water is bottled water. But it is much more expensive than water filtered in your home. Moreover, increasing demand for bottled water will also increase the amount of plastic, which is detrimental to the environment.

Home Water Filtration System Installations & Repairs

We are the preferred company for water filtration system installations in Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Southern River, and Perth. We offer a complete solution to your home’s water filter system requirement. Here are some of the reasons we have become the choice for customers across Perth:

Widest range: We offer the widest range of water filtration systems. Our team of experts can suggest a variety of options to choose from. This helps you make an informed decision.

Licensed plumbers: Our licensed plumbers have experience and are familiar with all kinds of water filtration systems. They can install the water filtration system of any of the leading brands at your home. They ensure that the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed completely so that the warranty is not breached.

Affordable rates: We offer the most affordable rates for home water filter system installation and repairs in Perth. There are no hidden costs and we are happy to provide the estimate upfront before the start of work.

Servicing & Repairs: Apart from water filter system installation, we also offer regular servicing and repairs. This is an important requirement for many water filters, as dust and contaminants filtered from the water keep accumulating and the machine needs to be cleaned at regular intervals..

24/7 emergency services: Water is an essential need that you cannot do without even for a day. We offer 24/7 emergency services for servicing or repair of your water filter system to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water.

The easiest way to get the best water filtration installation done in Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Southern River, Perth is to reach out to home water filtration system specialists. Call us now on 0429 213 343 for water filtration installation, servicing, or repairs at your home in Perth. Farran’s Plumbing & Gas (FPG) is a trusted name in water filtration installation in Perth. Our emergency services are available 24/7. Rely on us for fast, reliable, and efficient emergency plumbing service at affordable prices.

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